Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'm ill :(

Hello! i'm ill, or was, i'm feeling better.

Which is rubbish, i felt a bit bad on friday, woke up saturday feeling all over the place, so my weekend has been wiped out with sleeping it off and trying to get some vitamin C in me.

Thankyou to my pixie for coming over and supplying a surprise care package to keep me well :)

Feeling much better now though, so hopefully feel good this week.

Train sketches:

Did these on Saturday in between feeling rubbish.



Frannigan said...

Nice sketchies B, i like the first character a lot :)

Weird or Cute? said...

Wheeeeee! Mushroom houses to go - I'll take them all, they do all come with integral spiral winecellar and Library-Turret I presume? ;)

Nice to see you're getting on top of the tree painting, looking good :) and some really nice gestures amongst the sketches, very emotive x

Look at you making awesome even when you're ill - the mans a machine I tells ya!