Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hello! Design'y things!

Heyloes! Busy long week for me at work, luckily the weekend was free, so i was finally able to get on with things that can go in the portfolio with a lovely run of pixie supplied coffee.

So here's a base colour run of a more technical look at the red kite's jet pack.

Working out gasmask colar holes and variants.
Prof. Wasp's Lab sketch. Ruler tastic!

Tadi's flying castle tiny thumbs.
I want the design philosphy here to be vimana, but a bit less ready for war, an old home.

And a lil bit of filler, the otherside of the castle page are a few silhuettes of ideas and some bloke asleep on the train.

Thanks guys! hopefully get even more done this week.

1 comment:

Frannigan said...

Hey B, i really like the little ink castle sketches, nice designs! Whats the prof wasp lab? Its looking cool, would be nice to see it all painted up, but it kinda confused my eye a little bit, is the bottom right part as well look at it a little wider perspective wise than the far end of the room? not sure i might be imagining it, Looking cool though! This blog needs more bee though!
MF x