Sunday, November 01, 2009

Busy at work, i bring doodles and stuff

hello! Busy week at work, what with up at half six home at half eight, but i bring some doodles from the train and some enviro sketches i slotted in this afternoon.

Also went to the eurogamer expo on friday with mazlan, went to their careers fair bit and got some cool feedback about concept art from the artists there, basically none of them said the same thing, so you really need to tailor your work to the company you want to work for. This was both good and bad, but really very useful, anyway enough chit chat, art:

Best of the speed train sketches, i'd say 5 mins of woman texting.

Empty train brain arfs.


Weird or Cute? said...

Looking good as always :) I'm in awe of your ability to faithfully update your blog come hell or hardworking...

Really liking the foresty goodness and prof.Wasp, I have noticed a rather glaring error in your castle garden though. Where are the garden gnomes, love-swing, tree-house and waterfeature?! Sorry to show you up online but really, its just not a proper garden without them. Schoolgirl Fail my friend ;)


Frannigan said...

cool updates B, i like the enviros muchly!

mf x