Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hello! Design'y things!

Heyloes! Busy long week for me at work, luckily the weekend was free, so i was finally able to get on with things that can go in the portfolio with a lovely run of pixie supplied coffee.

So here's a base colour run of a more technical look at the red kite's jet pack.

Working out gasmask colar holes and variants.
Prof. Wasp's Lab sketch. Ruler tastic!

Tadi's flying castle tiny thumbs.
I want the design philosphy here to be vimana, but a bit less ready for war, an old home.

And a lil bit of filler, the otherside of the castle page are a few silhuettes of ideas and some bloke asleep on the train.

Thanks guys! hopefully get even more done this week.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Heyloes, small one, still recovering.

Heyloes! been mostly recovering from being ill this week and not really in a state to art after work.

Here is a quick enviro study.

Thumbs for the looming art ac, these are very quick and small.

Some heads, ref'ing loomis and other people, i think basically tho, i need to go back and draw from life.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'm ill :(

Hello! i'm ill, or was, i'm feeling better.

Which is rubbish, i felt a bit bad on friday, woke up saturday feeling all over the place, so my weekend has been wiped out with sleeping it off and trying to get some vitamin C in me.

Thankyou to my pixie for coming over and supplying a surprise care package to keep me well :)

Feeling much better now though, so hopefully feel good this week.

Train sketches:

Did these on Saturday in between feeling rubbish.


Monday, November 09, 2009

It's getting cold and foggy again!

Marrow! it's getting all cold and foggy again here in southern england,

How are you all? Have you also been wrapping up warm for early morning train platform fun, while balancing how many layers you can survive on without overheating on the tube to charing cross? maybe just me...

Sketchbook pages aren't finished, and obviously i can't show you stuff from work, so here are some weekend doodles.


Sunday, November 01, 2009

Busy at work, i bring doodles and stuff

hello! Busy week at work, what with up at half six home at half eight, but i bring some doodles from the train and some enviro sketches i slotted in this afternoon.

Also went to the eurogamer expo on friday with mazlan, went to their careers fair bit and got some cool feedback about concept art from the artists there, basically none of them said the same thing, so you really need to tailor your work to the company you want to work for. This was both good and bad, but really very useful, anyway enough chit chat, art:

Best of the speed train sketches, i'd say 5 mins of woman texting.

Empty train brain arfs.