Sunday, October 25, 2009


New job, long hours, very busy getting to know what i'm needed for. So sorry this is a lame update.

Went to the national portrait gallery one lunch break and again realised how much there is to learn about economy from sargent.

Doodles of business men on the train home will have to do till i can get back to life drawing.

Next week some foreground and general enviro studies, still not happy with that stuff, i know it can be a lot better.



Frannigan said...

nice enviro update B, are the noses on the sargent and 1st business men a little pushed over in the bridge area? Sargent is looking cool anyway just feels like the nose is a little pushed over? Also, i for one would like to see more magician and assistant sketches :]

Adam Foster-Fahy said...

That study is awesome, I just took a closer look at it and it's really lovely. Enviro WIP is looking good, am really pleased you found the time around your job to keep working on this one. I agree with Frannigan O'Schlanigan about the bridges of noses, espsiclly the 1st business man. Keep it up, matey. I love you so much I can't shit.