Sunday, October 04, 2009

Been walking in the ribble valley, here's some stoof

Hallo, been through some very inspiring wilderness this weekend, will probably do some wilderness inspired enviros next week. Though I'll be pretty busy with work.

Here's some stuff from this week:


Life drawing warm ups.

My scanner has killed this, it's a lot more subtle a study in real life. Gouche and ink, hour.

Enviro of the week over at

This month's art actuate, find the blog through my profile, great work to check out.

More sketchbook pages i haven't scanned will come next week, along with finishing up those enviros and red kite.



Frannigan said...

cool B, the bike is looking great! nice renderenderenderendering, the legs look a little too small in proportion to the torso in the standing up life sketches though mehby? or maybe im just used to seeing 70% leg bwahaha

Adam Foster-Fahy said...

I concur with leFran re: standing up legs, but as they're warm ups I guess I'll let it slide, this time. It looks like you started off quite comfortably with the upper body then realised you wouldnt fit the legs in so panicked and squished the legs. I guess this is preferable to cropping the feet?

I like the WIP of the steapunk bike, and you have some awesome superhero bandy legged poses on The Urban Fox.

The Gas Planet enviro is nice, are you delibertately avoiding straight lines as a design decision? Some of the structures inside the central island look a little wonky...? Nice aerial perspective and very solid tonal work.

In your next post I want to see a nudey self portrait, please.