Monday, September 07, 2009

Swine flu and superheroes.

Heyloes! Here is some stuff i cobbled together this week.

Firstly, an illo in gouche done for the art-actuate group for september's theme swine flu.

"Me and Wil were all ready for the zombie apocalypse, but with that genetic pattern it's not even going to mutate. Ah well the idiots panicing was funny. Maybe next time i'l have my dystopia."

Then some quick character'y renders :)

And trying to get more ideas quicker into my sketchbook, being less precious. These are a bit cliche, but then the first stuff always is.

Oh and the fishing hut people liked from last week.



Frannigan said...

lovely doodles, the swine flu one is cool, red kite is also looking good, but my favourite is the little fishing hut!

Adam Foster-Fahy said...

I have to apologise about my comment last week, I stand corrected; fishing is lovely. ;)

I really like the lemur-girl character you have designed, is that Red Kite? I think that the Swine Flu image is nicely cropped and that the compostion is unusual but good, but I don't really understand the connection with Swine Flu. I don't know what I'm missing in my attempt to deconstruct the meaning from it?

I wait with baited breath for next week's update ;) x

The Curator said...

I love the fishing hut so much that I'm going to live in it. What's the monthly rent?

I like your animal superhero-type characters - the lemur lady is a superhero, right? The colour scheme on that one is awesomes. You should do a whole zoo of them, anyway.