Monday, September 14, 2009

Getting back into envrios

Here's some digi stuff from the week, Getting back into enviros, though the ilmer study the comp crashed killing another hours work tightening it up, imagine it's awesome.

More when i get round to scanning :P very tired from london Yday.

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Adam Foster-Fahy said...

Nice update! The urban enviro is very scarey, my favourite touch were the greenish reflections in the water. Your enviros arent as tight and detailed as some peoples, but I think you get a lot more atmosphere into them becasue of it. Looking at this illo I can almost hear the street sounds humming in the distance.

Red kite's looking pretty good too - - - are you gonna work this up into a story? I would love to see that if you do.

Hope you had fun in London n didnt get your balls too sweaty x