Monday, September 28, 2009

Cotswold, steampunk bikes and owls.

Hello! after my trip to Heythrop zoological gardens last Sunday, this Sunday me and mazz continued our adventures and went to The Cotswold Wildlife Park which was super fun. The best selection of owls I've seen in a while, and skunks are awesome!

When i wasn't there i mostly painted enviros, that aren't full ready for the world, here is some stuff that is:

Oh yeah I'm back life drawing, as you can see from the warm ups especially i was really rusty, Doing it HERE at the Queens Park Art Centre in Aylesbury, lovely group, took the hedge along too.

Too much value on that knee.

Lemurs don't stay still for longer than 30 secs or so, so super quick lines then as much tone as you can manage.

Owls stay still a tiny bit longer, mostly move to stare at you O.o

Enviro Paints next week, you wont be disappointed!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Some noodles and a zoo trip.


Saved this mess of a painting, i think!

Did a quick sketch of the red kite and urban fox, will probably continue with this.

Some renderererering from my head , haven't done this much in ages.

Zoo trip quick sketches.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Getting back into envrios

Here's some digi stuff from the week, Getting back into enviros, though the ilmer study the comp crashed killing another hours work tightening it up, imagine it's awesome.

More when i get round to scanning :P very tired from london Yday.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Swine flu and superheroes.

Heyloes! Here is some stuff i cobbled together this week.

Firstly, an illo in gouche done for the art-actuate group for september's theme swine flu.

"Me and Wil were all ready for the zombie apocalypse, but with that genetic pattern it's not even going to mutate. Ah well the idiots panicing was funny. Maybe next time i'l have my dystopia."

Then some quick character'y renders :)

And trying to get more ideas quicker into my sketchbook, being less precious. These are a bit cliche, but then the first stuff always is.

Oh and the fishing hut people liked from last week.