Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend doodles in the shire

Hello hello, had a very busy week, buuut luckily this weekend I met up with jon, john hedges and Mazz and drew some lovely things and went exploring.

Hedges while he was doodling.

Doodles of mazz and some general doodles.

My super hero design 'the red kite' and mazz's superhero 'the gecko' as i see him, have a look at mazz's blog for her versions.


Aaaand a tiny A5 gouche of the chilterns with bongo in the foreground.

And a quick study of a simple reflective cd case.


1 comment:

Adam Foster-Fahy said...

Nice still life, how long did this study take? Nice to see you don't use colour irresponsibly (ie where you don't have to) ;) The sublte reds in the case really make it very interesting to look at.

I like the sketchbook pages, esp the flash colour that is Mazz's barnet.

The Red Kite is a nice little character, reminds me of a hot version of the flying Space Pirates from Metroid Prime, or like the characters from Storm Hawks (do you ever watch that? Sorrel loves it!)

The Feathery girl is nicely rendered, though her posture is a little... constipated? The contraposto pose is just a little stooepd and the inward pointing feet look like she's trying to hold something in....!

I love you so much right now.