Monday, August 31, 2009

The Finn and mandelson

I honestly have no idea where this week has gone, i do know i lost a few days to some very intensive working, i also blame pixie distraction in part, but that still leaves a lot un accounted for...

Anyway, some more work on the Finn

Peter mandelson, and a cat in a scarf walking in through a doorway.

I'll have more done for next week i promise.


Adam Foster-Fahy said...

What's Pixie Distraction? Sounds good!

I like the sketchbook page you scanned, though I think the mandelson is the weakest element of the page, some really nice figures and poses on that page.

Finn is looking nice, I was wondering - did this originate as a pencil sketch, or is it all digital?

Am looking forward to the meatier update you promised for next week x

Weird or Cute? said...

Yeah Pixie distraction, whatever it is, must be a real pain, so glad I don't suffer from anything like that :p

I do really like that little fishing pontoon - I'd like to see it developed into a full scale image giving more insight into the people who live/work on it and what culture its a part of. It almost looks like it could be a magic travelling vessel that just mysteriously and randomly appears in watery locations to fish? I can just see a paddy field with workers working nonchalantly around it in their hardworking and unflappable way - could be an interesting way to do it anyway ;) (someone will have to draw a lesser spotted paddy-guppy to be fished for of course...)

Look forward to seeing the next update :)

x x x

Frannigan said...

the fin is looking great, i too like the fishing station its pretty awesome, would make a cool illo as maz said!


Adam Foster-Fahy said...

I dislike the fishing hut. And I would resent a fully rendered painting of such. Please do not post a fully realised painting of this, thank you.

Badger said...

AFF - Finn was pure digital, i'd had the image in my head for a while though. i could put a gif of my working method up, it's pretty traditional, then goes a bit scrappy :D