Sunday, August 16, 2009

Doodles in the company of red onions.

Heylo! had a good week, met up with mazz >> on the side bar and did some painting, which was pretty bad, but i'm getting back in practise with this gouche business.

So here is a super quick red onion study.

Magic Fran, complete with plaid trousers.

Steampunk Mazz


Rich as an ogre.

Photostudy, pretty much all off, but learnt quite a bit.

And the painting of a local church with mazz. I pretty much hate this.

Quick garden, far too over saturated. I think i have an issue with starting saturation too early.


1 comment:

Adam Foster-Fahy said...

I like the little Squeaker on Steampunk Mazz's shoulder.... very cute!

Rich as an Ogre is very funny, especially considering how little you had to change in order to make him look like an Ogre...!

The digitial sketch where everything goes wrong is interesting to look at, what do you think you've taken away from that session?

Digital onion = lovely, in a James Cameron/Michael Mann blue tinted mood kinda way.
Gouache church = children's book illo? ;)

Love you x