Monday, August 31, 2009

The Finn and mandelson

I honestly have no idea where this week has gone, i do know i lost a few days to some very intensive working, i also blame pixie distraction in part, but that still leaves a lot un accounted for...

Anyway, some more work on the Finn

Peter mandelson, and a cat in a scarf walking in through a doorway.

I'll have more done for next week i promise.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend doodles in the shire

Hello hello, had a very busy week, buuut luckily this weekend I met up with jon, john hedges and Mazz and drew some lovely things and went exploring.

Hedges while he was doodling.

Doodles of mazz and some general doodles.

My super hero design 'the red kite' and mazz's superhero 'the gecko' as i see him, have a look at mazz's blog for her versions.


Aaaand a tiny A5 gouche of the chilterns with bongo in the foreground.

And a quick study of a simple reflective cd case.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Doodles in the company of red onions.

Heylo! had a good week, met up with mazz >> on the side bar and did some painting, which was pretty bad, but i'm getting back in practise with this gouche business.

So here is a super quick red onion study.

Magic Fran, complete with plaid trousers.

Steampunk Mazz


Rich as an ogre.

Photostudy, pretty much all off, but learnt quite a bit.

And the painting of a local church with mazz. I pretty much hate this.

Quick garden, far too over saturated. I think i have an issue with starting saturation too early.


Monday, August 10, 2009

More museum stuff

Heyloes, had a pretty cool week, met up with stryg, Mazz and Rich did the usual museum > pub run, very enjoyable, oxford natural history museum in a thunderstorm is pretty fun. Filled up with families trying to escape the rain.

Also went to Alex's private view which was awesome, good to see the bristol lot. But other than that my weekend has been SO unproductive. Been busy with non art things.

Anyway, here's some rhubarb:

Managed to get some crits on this, started to lose my way. Face need recovering.

I went out and tried to get back into gouche after dribbling over mainloop's work, very small sketch, got into the whites WAY too early, thats how you kill a painting's depth.

Quick fruit on my desk.

The above mentioned museum :)

Soon the flood gate will blow and all the half finished sketches will have to be put up whether i like it or not. Anatomy work will remain firmly as a huge monolithic stack of sketches on printer paper though, never to be shown to the internet due to it's immense uninterest.


Monday, August 03, 2009

Stealth squad and a myriad of digi paints.

Been busy this week, still haven't finished up those sketchbook pages, but i thought i should just scan this one, this is the allessian stealth squad, the most technologically advanced wing of the band of the red hand, under leadership from Narl they have been working primarily in espionage.

There is further background behind their outfits, caused by their quarters being too close to a room where the boundaries between this plane and the shadow are lessened due to it being sandalphon's old den. Therefore that imagery inspired their get up. I used objects i'd seen in pitt rivers museum as a start point.

The funny crossbow design on the right i'm still working on, I've been talking to a few people about the most efficient design, so we'll see...

This is the Finn, from his appearance in William Gibson's mona lisa overdrive, it's still a WIP though, but i will finish it.

Some studies, i will do more of these they help :)

and another captain WIP for my friend's game.