Sunday, July 12, 2009

Colour, studies and bounty hunters.

Hello! so this week i've been pretty productive i feel, i generally do a few hours of anatomy studies every morning while drinking the coffee, but i'm not scanning those as thats pure spam. Once i'm happy with the amount i'm taking onboard i try to get my brain working on something else, sometimes an environment, sometimes something a bit more creative.

So my friend Jay has done something pure awesome, she knitted me a bailey, he even talks (no joke) i cannot tell you how awesome i found this.

and me and bailey to show he arrived safe and sound.

And so here are some finished sketchbook pages, there are many almost done but this damn bigger sketchbook takes a while to get pages filled.

And life drawing this week was done in my sketchbook, which was kinda horrible and the resulting drawings show my brain still working at a bigger size.

Till next week and all that!


kingcoyote said...

Beautiful work Badger! That new doll (Is it okay to call it that?) is wicked Laser Awesome too!

vadge said...

josh! you are amazing! i know this doesn't offer anything constructive or useful to this page, but sometimes things just have to be said anyway...u r ridiculously talented! Well done.