Sunday, June 21, 2009


Had a good week, no life drawing, but lorenzo of studio blink twice made it along to my sketchmeet, so got some nice words of advice from the big man.

So, here are some feet with some blue hands.


Still trying to get this guy right, they look alright, but i wont settle till he matches my mental image.

I will get this steampunk motorbike design nailed.

Bounty hunter doodles, trying to get some gesture back.

Cloth studies!

At the sketch meet did my own version of fran's steampunk character.

Oh and chloe as described by fran.

At one of the weddings last weekend one of the girls at the reception was in a mini dress bashing a pinata, i did some gestures cause the gestures were AWESOME.

More designy stuff next week i predict!



Frannigan said...

i dont think you can really call it my character, it was mostly you that suggested steampunk, you get the credit!
awesome stuff B!

Daniel J Harries said...

Very cool Mr Badger,

would love to see that bike pimped out a bit more.

The Curator said...

Awesome indeed, all of your work, as usual!

Is that...Hayley? With a stick?

Badger said...

> Curator... Yes, yes it is... is that okay??