Monday, June 29, 2009

Pure life drawing update

My new sketchbook is much bigger than my last one, it's taking me a while to finish pages :P that's my excuse.... i have been drawing, but while looking for stuff to update with, obviously not enough.

Here are some life drawings, as always, each is 15mins on A3 225gsm simili japon, really liking this stuff, just need get some of this style into my non life sketches.

More this week as i'm not doing my horrible job anymore, this also means i'm not doing any real job... i should sort that out.


Sunday, June 21, 2009


Had a good week, no life drawing, but lorenzo of studio blink twice made it along to my sketchmeet, so got some nice words of advice from the big man.

So, here are some feet with some blue hands.


Still trying to get this guy right, they look alright, but i wont settle till he matches my mental image.

I will get this steampunk motorbike design nailed.

Bounty hunter doodles, trying to get some gesture back.

Cloth studies!

At the sketch meet did my own version of fran's steampunk character.

Oh and chloe as described by fran.

At one of the weddings last weekend one of the girls at the reception was in a mini dress bashing a pinata, i did some gestures cause the gestures were AWESOME.

More designy stuff next week i predict!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009


My ISP are not the most organised lot it seems, luckily one of my lovely house mates explained to them their error.

So, this was meant to be sunday's update.

Over the weekend i had one birthday and two weddings, one in notts and one in b'ham, this was a lot of driving and not a lot of sleeping, so i didn't get much of a chance to draw.

Bit more on this lovely.

Sketchy page, note scuba bailey

Some speedy heads as a tester run for a friend's game, seeing what i can do.

Bit steampunk and argyle one night.

Aaaaand life drawings! All are 15mins, HB+2B on Simili Japon 225 gsm A3.


Sunday, June 07, 2009

Heyloes! helicopter, steam punk and misc,

So i was in a coffee shop sketching with my holmes, and mister harries (Dannysketch on the interwebs) says, you Badger, are quite good at vehicles, to which i'm like 'surely everyone can do that' and he's like 'no'

So upon that sound advice i thought i'd try rendering one, i've never done that before so here was my attempt.

My thinking behind this when i sketched it up, which is further down is i wanted a light carrier for moving baggage inbetween platforms and runways in the jungle spaceports i used to draw a lot.

Also there are tonnes of bees in the garden who don't mind you getting really up close while they pick pollen, i found them very cool.


This was my favourite of my life drawings this week, done in 10 mins, i love it.

Obligatory sketches.

Tiny sketchbook for lunchbreaks at work and out and about, all from somewhere inside my brain.


The rest of the life drawing.

Till next week!

Monday, June 01, 2009

Some rubbish:

Zombies incoming, hopefully inked by next week.
Also some head paints for a friend's game.