Monday, March 30, 2009

Scrambling after the weekly update.

arf, this is a bit of a naf update, but i feel it's more important to update than the possibility of not updating and breaking my weekly updates causing me to slip back into old ways. I have 2 more zombie pages literally on the cusp of being scanable, they just need to try so i can add the last little touches. Also i've been relearning colour for those previous environs, which is slow going and nice and challenging, anyway, enough chat.


1 comment:

Marcelo said...

Dude, nice pics..!
Art...I think it's the beginning of every soul...or at least, mine! (:
I'm a student yet, architecture, less art than I thought, but it's art still..!
I try to make somethings like you do witha pencil and a sheet of paper...but, you deserve congrats!
Take Care!