Friday, October 31, 2008

Octoberer sketches



dCepT said...

There ya go postin'! :D Glad to see new sketchies!

Jumped into doing foundation stuff again? That's cool! Any particular goals with those?

I've already talked with ya about the enviro, so I'mma let that rest for now... You should finish it up, though :)

Do post more every now and then, man! I'm peekin' in here every now and then!

emily said...

The second one down is amazing! :)
I gave you a little mention in my blog today.
good workkkk :D

_Kine said...

I love the sketches, the first one in particular :)

Adam Foster-Fahy said...

I love the market scene. V atmospheric.

Post more..... please?

dCepT said...

You should post more... badger badger badger badger POST POST POST badger badger badger


niamh said...

post more soon!i love your stuff :)

Anonymous said...