Wednesday, September 10, 2008


It's raining tonnes here, TONNES. I have found some temporary work, so i am financially afloat. It's not art tho, which is bad...

arg trains and people.

For a friend.
Sandi some more.

Went to the tate britain on monday with my mum, a good day had by all! it's hard to paint in your sketchbook though... wonky eyes.

iiink, which i now kinda like this sketch.

And this wont get any more finished so i'll just post it.

So yusssss


dCepT said...

More ink! :)

How are ya, Badgeriño?

Sucks that you're not working with your art, but feed the frustration into making *more* art and keep grindin'! Where do you reside these days? Hope your well! Say hi to Eriboss from me if you see him!


dCepT said...

You should post the stuff you showed me yesterday ;)

niamh said...

wonderful :) im gonna follow!