Sunday, May 18, 2008

Kids Book stuffs

Did the complete roughs and four colour spreads for a kids book, a good exercise in narrative and layout. Here's some silliness. It's about a badger called bailey who attempts to escape the city by making a range of machines with the help of his other mammalian friends.

Sketchbook render stuffs coming when i scan them in.


Adam Foster-Fahy said...


I especilly like the badger design and the spread with the air ship tootling around the sky.

Lovely colours and you seem to enjoy the medium and make good use of it.

Is this what will be in your exhibition? How many of them are you going to display? Are you planning on including any other work in your expo?`

littlemithi said...

The image of a pop-bottle powered rocket (especially with those arms) will stay with me forever ;)