Sunday, February 17, 2008

I've written my dissertation, Huzzah!

Here's what i got up to while i was avoiding writing it.

I learnt from Kim possible. I over rendered an opposing page.

I Rendered some more.
I tried another go at some politicians, i really enjoy this, hopefully getting a bit better.
I drew the badger looking up at a UFO and splattered a bit of paint on for laughs.
I failed to enter a national competition but went as far as to get a final design, just unfinished.

And i finally scanned some of my envelope illos.

I looked at old skool pin up art.

I created CRAP on photoshop.

I took a silly picture of my side of the Studio, where me, Zara and Big G work, See link bar.

Thanks! Untill next jpeg spam!


littlemithi said...

my, you WERE quite busy avoiding your dissertation, weren't you ...?

Adam Foster-Fahy said...

looks nice, little man. I like what you were atarting with potatoshop, although it was slightly familiar. The colours in the UFO illo are nice, you're getting pretty good with watercolours - are you gonna get back into digital soon?

Franbo said...

i love the biro miss B!

dCepT said...

Yooo! Told ya I'd stop by! I think the post looked real good! The UFO-badger is nice! Colors look sweet... dig the feel in it! :)

Don't know why you wanna call it not worth posting though, seeing as how it is... :P

I don't know of any politicians in GB, but they look like good charicatures!