Tuesday, October 04, 2016

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Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Elite Dangerous Ships - The Fer De Lance.

Fer De Lance Concept art for Elite: Dangerous . The Fer De Lance is an interesting beasty, it went through a few looks.

Fer De Lance final concept.

Fer De Lance Thumbnails

Kickstarter concept sketch, pre shipyards

The bottom two, grabbed from the ‘art direction diary with john laws’ is a 30 or so minute sketch based on the idea that it was a rich man’s yacht, with big engines and low armament, I pictured a largely glass yacht with fold-able solar sails 'not shown on this crop’.

There had been a few other versions of it done over time.

Then Xavier Henry laid down the art direction guides for the shipyards and I picked up the Zorgon Petterson shipyard, and the Fer De Lance was once again mine to push forward. I tried to keep it inline with the adder, and inline with the more triangular art direction of the elite universe.

Here’s the final concept I produced for the Fer De Lance.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Cobra MK iii from Elite Dangerous.

[The original Elite Dangerous Cobra I drew, which is actually almost impossible.]
Many moons ago (small moons, like… Dione), I redesigned the Cobra MK iii for Elite Dangerous (as opposed to the 1984 Elite or 1993 Frontier). Based on the Faulcon De Lacy shipyard line and the original Cobra MK iii design.

From concept to break downs of vfx, underside, materials and cockpit to Final render.

 The 1984 Cobra MK iii

The signed off concept, it took a long time to get to this stage.

A very quick underside view.

 Paint over and reference sheet of Erland's early Block out, tweaking and pushing the original proportions.

Cockpit concept with the chairs turned off.

Lighting and vfx concepts.


Final model by Erlend Hoem Thordarson

Friday, October 23, 2015

Elite Dangerous Ships - The Adder.

Looks like the new Adder has made it out into the Elite world. I concepted the little fellow up to this stage during Elite:Dangerous’ development.

» Xavier « had just finished putting the large, broad design strokes to each of the shipyard’s visual language and I picked up the Zorgon Peterson line hoping to push what we had in a more interesting and clear direction.

The Adder after getting to the previous stage, it still looked terrible and required an overhaul to give us something that felt like a bit more of an interesting craft capable of a bit more varied and plausible flight style (the new delta shape a nod to atmospherics). I kept looking mainly at the original elite wireframe and seeing what shapes I could translate through it’s description to a present and plausible craft.

One of the biggest issues with Elite is that everyone sees different shapes in those old wireframes, like seeing images in clouds. Also they generally all resemble box-wedges, and this means they all look very similar, which causes issues in readability, and lets be honest, interest. So I pushed the Adder design out as much as I could, and then got pulled back in again by DB.

The concept design we settled on still has the same big shapes as the adder, with the triangles on top and added some small wing tips that would have been impossible on the wireframes of 1984.

Anyway I like it.

D&D Character Sketches

Hey Blogger blog! Sorry you've been neglected, you are unfortunately the least easy to use social channel :( Here you are all dusty. I'll begin spam to bring you up to date...

Dungeons and Dragons sketches I did on the train:


Thursday, July 09, 2015

Rival Kingdoms Concept Art Pt 2 - Buildings.

Working on Rival Kingdoms I created a huge amount of concept art, here are some environment concepts (minus the thumbnails).

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Rival Kingdoms Concept art Pt 1 - Characters.

In my work as Lead Concept Artist on Space Ape Games' Rival Kingdoms I created a huge amount of concept art, here are some character concepts distilled down to a pipeline friendly set of images.



Mana Hunter

Primus Mage